HR Services

Statera provides all levels of HR services and can also supplement the skill set of your current staff. Statera can help mentor and educate your staff regarding human resources processes and can actively assist to resolve complex issues. These services are offered on flexible tiers based on the needs of your company. 

  • Employee Relations - No one looks forward to addressing employee discipline issues. However, employee issues do arise over time. Issues can range from employee conflict or coaching and counseling employees regarding performance issues to high risk issues such as a sexual harassment complaint. These issues can be overwhelming to management and take valuable time and attention away from business operations. Statera can assist with consultation, investigation, employee meetings, preparation of documents and can ultimately assist you in making a decision that is fair and equitable for the organization and the employee without creating unnecessary risk.

  • Recruitment - Statera can assist in recruiting difficult to fill positons from management to professional positions. We can assist in the development of ads, organizational information packets and customized behavioral interview guides. Statera can also participate in the interview process and facilitate the hiring discussion as well as acting as the liaison with the candidate during the interview process.

  • Compensation and Benefits - Statera can assist your organization with implementing a compensation system or reviewing your current compensation program for compliance and competitiveness within the marketplace. Statera can also perform a market assessment of your current benefits and assist with open enrollment preparation and implementation.

  • Employment Policies/Handbook Development – Statera can assist in the development or update of HR policies and Employee Handbook. We don’t offer a pre-designed “off the shelf” solution. Our approach is to understand your organization and design communications and implement policies that create value for the employer and employees.

  • Exit Interviews/Employee Engagement Surveys – Employee turnover is expensive. Statera can help determine why employees are leaving and proactively help increase engagement. Statera can design and implement employee engagement surveys based on the needs of your organization. Statera can also assist with the administration, analysis and communication of results to employees with the ultimate goal of increasing communication and decreasing turnover.

  • Performance Management – The search for the perfect system to evaluate employees is ongoing. The truth is, the only system that is perfect is the one that fits the culture of your organization. Statera can help develop a system for providing feedback to employees that both reinforces positive behaviors and addresses areas for improvement.