About us

About Us

At Statera Consulting, LLC, we base our philosophy on the development of a relationship with your company as a trusted business advisor. Statera Consulting offers business consulting services in the areas of Human Resources, Strategic Planning, Physician Practice Management and Business Marketing. 

The model Statera offers goes beyond phone support when you have questions or providing templates. Our model is to understand your business and deliver proactive value to improve processes as well as provide immediate assistance when issues arise. For example, many smaller companies don’t require full time human resources management on a day to day basis. However, when complex situations arise such as serious disciplinary issues, employee conflict, a need for compensation and benefits structure redesign or a complaint of sexual harassment, you need an experienced individual who can assist in objectively and efficiently resolving the issue. Richard Lawley and the Statera Team have that level of experience.

Who We Are

Richard Lawley

Richard Lawley

President and CEO, Statera Consulting

Richard serves as President and CEO of Statera Consulting, LLC. Richard has more than twenty five years of experience in healthcare system and business executive roles that include human resources as a CHRO, operations and physician practice management. His areas of specialty are business administration with an emphasis on human resources including employee relations, recruitment and retention, compensation and benefits, conflict resolution, training and development, strategic planning and succession planning. Richard also has experience with projects related to customer satisfaction, mergers and acquisitions, and physician practice management and compensation.

Nicole Lawley

Nicole Lawley

Web & Graphic Designer

Nicole has worked in multiple organizations in marketing and human resources roles. Her areas of expertise are graphic & web design, marketing and communication. Nicole is an experienced graphics and digital marketing professional. Her areas of expertise include company branding and messaging, website design, and creating effective marketing materials.

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Why Statera?

Statera is a word from Ancient Greek that refers to "balance or scales". We chose this as our company name because we believe it is important for organizations to remain in balance in order to achieve goals and have success. Human Resources issues can create imbalance and divert organizational energy away from primary operations. Statera can help address these HR issues and re-establish organizational balance.